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Pick the @MedEdChat Logo!

I’d like to thank @thuc for graciously designing some possible logos for our humble account, which until now has just used the famous “Twitter egg”.  Please choose one of the selections.  Results will be announced at the September 29, 2011 … Continue reading

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A Patient Can Never Be Difficult

“There are no difficult patients; only patients with difficult problems.” I learned this mantra from a colleague and have used it to help shape my practice for quite some time now. A few recent comments online about “difficult patients” have … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs of Swallowing Problems

As a doctor who specializes in dysphagia, I often see patients who get referred from other gastroenterologists and otolaryngologists because they have been unable to figure out or resolve the patients’ swallowing problems.  Sometimes there is a known, structural problem … Continue reading

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But I Have Reflux…

When I first started this blog, I promised topics about gastroenterology and esophageal problems.  So let me talk about one today.  I consider this the most fundamental issue I see in my office on a regular basis: the difference between … Continue reading

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My Friend’s Endoscopy, Part II

Sorry for the delay in the next blog post.  Family vacation called! In my last blog, my friend Alan, a healthy 39-year old man, had just gotten an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy for reasons that were “soft” as we … Continue reading

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My Friend’s Endoscopy

It’s always great to get an email from an old friend, isn’t it?  Today I got one from a close friend from college who now lives across the country.  He asked me for some GI advice, and did his email … Continue reading

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This Blog

Hello, readers in the blogosphere!  Whether you have just stumbled on this or were directed here by a friend, relative, colleague, or healthcare provider, thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you will tune in frequently and learn something. Since … Continue reading

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