DDW Day 4

Well, it’s the last day of DDW.  I’m already here, so I’m actually creating this blogpost during one of the esophageal motility sessions.  I posted my video blog about yesterday’s sessions here.

The one study that I forgot to include on my video blog was a study out of Dan Sifrim’s group.  They investigated the effect of baclofen 10 mg TID x 1 week on rumination, aerophagia and supragastric belching.  In this small open-label trial, 75% of patients showed a reduction in symptoms and reflux/belching events.  There were several comments from the audience suggesting that the mechanism of baclofen was probably distinct from the effects on the lower esophageal sphincter, but overall this investigation revealed the potential for a new therapy in this group of patients.


About Ryan Madanick, MD

I am a gastroenterologist who specializes in diseases of the esophagus, with a strong interest in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have difficult-to-manage esophageal problems such as refractory GERD. I can be followed on Twitter: @RyanMadanickMD (he/him)
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